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Infusion LED module

GE Lighting

The GE Infusion LED module is designed to open up new possibilities for the use of long-lasting, controllable, low maintenance LED solutions in retail, gallery and other environments where the quality of light is critical to the customer/visitor experience.

LED technology is becoming established in many professional lighting applications. However, designers remain reticent about specifying LED everywhere in their schemes, with one critical reason being the difficulty in servicing and upgrading the luminaires. GE Lighting is addressing this problem with a new module that allows luminaries to be maintained or upgraded – by making the module replaceable with a simple twist fit. 

The easy interchangeability will reassure designers who are reticent about specifying LED. One Infusion™ luminaire will accept a complete range of LED modules, giving merchandisers the ability to vary colour temperatures, beam angles and light packages by simply swapping modules.

Exchanging modules is just a twist fit; this mates the module with the housing and provides all necessary thermal, electrical and mechanical connectivity. Plus, the energy efficiency is superb. When embodied in an efficient luminaire design - Infusion LED modules can be even more efficient than many HID solutions and they can also be dimmed as well as instantly lit and restriked.

EuroShop 2011 saw the introduction of a full range of Infusion™ LED modules, with retail displays demonstrating modules with 1100, 1500, 2000 and 3000 lumens, in colour temperatures 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. GE is the first manufacturer to offer this range of lumen packages and colour temperatures in a fully-replaceable module with a common size.

GE Lighting also showcased the ‘Infusion Ultra’ version, where high colour rendering (930 colour) is combined with 2-step colour consistency for premium light quality applications.


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