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LG Flexible OLED


DAVID MORGAN L+B TOP 10: LG Chem was showing a number of OLED developments including the largest OLED panel I have seen so far at 320 mm x 320 mm and the production version of their bendable OLED glass panels.

A variety of prototype luminaire designs were on display incorporating these bendable OLED panels illustrating potential uses in different decorative applications. LG launched their bendable panels as standard products although production capacity seems to be limited. With 60 lumens per watt efficiency and an expected life of 20,000 hours to L70 these panels can now be considered for use in live projects not only prototype demonstrations. Apparently there isn’t a launch date for the LED flexible plastic OLED panels so perhaps LG are facing similar technical problems producing plastic OLED panels that have prevented a number of other companies from actually launching them.


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