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Mackwell Line voltage input LED light engines


DAVID MORGAN L+B TOP 10: Mackwell has licensed and developed a very small ASIC driver design with no electrolytic components that will enable 230 VAC input single board light engines to be produced.

By integrating the miniature ic driver with the LED board, much smaller form factor luminaires can be developed.  The technology sounds similar to the Seoul Semiconductor Acrich 2 system. Mackwell is planning to introduce a series of standard driver incorporated light engines and showed a few possible configurations at the show, including a 2D replacement board.  Mackwell will also supply custom light engines based on this technology depending on minimum quantities. LED flicker can be a problem with this driver approach when the LEDs are arranged in a linear configuration so initially I would expect that they will be used for exterior applications where flicker is not so much of an issue and if the LEDs are mounted closely together for down lights and spotlights.


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