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Foresta Lumina, Quebec, Canada

Issue 82 December / January 2014 : Architectural : Transport

Top tourist attraction ‘Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook’, in Quebec, Canada, is crisscrossed by dozens of trails and boasts North America’s longest suspension bridge, welcoming 100,000 visitors every year.


Wanting to attract a larger and more diverse group of evening visitors, the park’s team commissioned Moment Factory to create Foresta Lumina, an illuminated night trail through the forest.

As the foundation for the enchanted world it would design, Moment Factory took inspiration from legendary characters found in folk tales from Quebec and around the world. After dark, visitors explore the park’s charms, experiencing scenography featuring lighting effects and video mapping accompanied by an original soundtrack.

Moment Factory created custom elements for each of the trail’s zones: perforated, backlit metal panels inscribed with descriptions of the main characters; small lighting units designed to suggest the presence of fairies in the forest; a transparent screen used for a subtle projection in a clearing; and video mapping that brings a dead tree back to life.

Moment Factory had to make sure that the technical apparatus used for the experience was solid and reliable for use throughout the seasons.
As well as this, the forest setting has no lighting pollution, which made it possible for Moment Factory to work with more finely calibrated lighting effects. The creative team of 30 also made a point of drawing on local talent by working with a variety of artisans and suppliers based in the area.

With most of today’s multimedia experiences found in urban settings, Moment Factory faced the challenge of designing and building within a natural setting. The team travelled to the site to soak up the surroundings of the forest and its spaces. Topography, detours and mysteries became the canvas for the experience and by adapting their work to the environment in the most natural way possible and by concealing the technical apparatus, the creative team worked to ensure that visitors would see and hear nothing but magic.


Foresta Lumina
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