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Cinéscénie, Les Epesses, France

Issue 82 December / January : Architectural : Outdoor Lighting

On the evening of August 29, historical French theme park Puy du Fou became the world stage for a technology breakthrough.



For the first time, flying drones descended on the park to deliver a first-class live performance of the park’s renowned evening spectacle ‘Cinéscénie’.

Commissioned in 2013 to revamp the lighting sceneography of Cinescenie, ACT Lighting’s Koert Vermeulen then had the idea of introducing drones into the show to create innovative choreographies. This new generation of patented entertainment drones are the first in the world that can simultaneously fly within an aerial fleet, performing synchronised choreography in the air or immersed in water, without the need for human intervention.

Working together with the General Department of French Civil Aviation (DGAC) and Puy du Fou, around 50 highly qualified ACT engineers, technicians, designers and programmers worked on the project in top secret for over a year before receiving official approval from DGAC.

A carrier of intelligent and independent staging that adds a revolutionary dimension to entertainment shows, the patented ‘Neopter’ drone is built to operate within an aerial fleet of autonomous drones and is able to evolve and dance simultaneously 60-metres in the air, performing flying choreography and illuminating decors.

Invisible to the human eye during the night sky the ‘Neopter’ includes onboard intelligence’, a GPS signal and is able to locate itself in the open air autonomously. It is capable of withstanding strong wind conditions, is fully scalable and can carry sound, video, lighting and scenography, or special effects up to 3kg.

Commenting on the technological development, Vermeulen said: “In my opinion, as an artist and professional working for 20 years in visual and lighting design, for the world’s biggest shows and spectacles such as the ‘Ceremonies of Youth Olympic Games’ in Singapore, ‘Neopter’ is a revolution and our greatest achievement.

“Being able to overcome all the technical challenges and develop a solution that enables us to freely imagine infinity of artistic and technical possibilities is extremely rewarding. Thanks to our partners at the Puy du Fou from now on, the sky has no limit for our creative imagination.”


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