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Jimmy Choo at Selfridges, London, UK

Issue 72 April / May 2013 : Retail : Store

LIGHTING DESIGN: dpa lighting

Tasked with developing the perfect solution to showcase the Jimmy Choo shoe and accessory brand, dpa lighting undertook a comparison study of linear sources. Gary Campbell reveals the process behind their quest for the perfect fit.

dpa lighting design has been working with Jimmy Choo for the last two years on a consultancy basis. We were initially called in because they were very dissatisfied with their integrated shelf lighting solution, particularly in terms of colour appearance and colour rendering for both the product and the shelving finishes. The integrated lighting solution was concealed linear LED within a special shelf detail but the LED was of poor quality giving a green appearance to the light and what was lit.

This was particularly noticed by the client in the professional photography taken of the store, which accentuated the problem. dpa carried out a thorough review of the market and tested various options in mock-ups to see which one performed the best in terms of light intensity, colour appearance, and colour rendering. We compiled a report for the client and made a presentation with working samples. The client agreed with our conclusions so the next step was to carry out a site trial in an existing store environment. The chosen product was KKDC TiMi HCRI at 2700K and CRI 95. We trialled this together with other colour temperature options to see what might work best. The LED strips are located in a standard Jimmy Choo shelf detail recessed into the thickness of the shelf and which includes a diffuser cover. This cover obviously affects the efficiency of the detail.

The back panel of the shelf unit has a white mother-of-pearl finish and it was perceived that the 2700K affected the colour appearance too much. We then trialled the 3200K HCRI LED and this was found to be slightly too cold. The best solution was found to combine two LED strips, one at 2700K and one at 3200K within the detail behind the diffuser. This mix provided the optimum colour appearance of light for product and finishes and also with very high CRI.

Subsequent to providing consultation on the shelf lighting issues, Jimmy Choo then asked dpa to help them with their shop-in-shop within the vast shoe emporium in Selfridges Oxford Street. The overall lighting in this area was perceived to be poor and not doing the brand or the product justice. The ambient lighting quality was flat and dull, the display lighting inadequate in terms of quality, coverage, and display illuminance levels, and generally the store lacked visual interest and sparkle.

Ceiling lighting for ambient and display was low voltage tungsten halogen but the fixtures were not in the best locations and their adjustment minimal. Therefore the product was not well lit from the ceiling.

The existing integrated shelf lighting consisted of inset opal panels with LED tape around the edge. These were positioned both in the top and the underside of the shelf. It was not a proprietary edge lit panel solution but did have a reasonable effect in terms of localised brightness. Again the quality of light from the LEDs could have been much better. One particular downside was the excessive shadowing these panels created on the back wall of the shelves.

The decorative lighting consisted of a central feature pendant and table lamps and the light sources within these was opal compact fluorescent, so again not ideal for light quality in retail. The central feature pendant should have been a sparkling focal point but the fluorescent sources prevented this.

Lighting Solutions
The easy part with the decorative luminaires was to change the fluorescent lamp sources to GLS halogen capsule lamps with clear envelopes to give both warmth and sparkle to the pendant. The LED alternatives were perceived not to give a good enough colour appearance. The GLS halogen lamps were also used in the table lamps and opal diffusers were added to the shades to screen direct view of the lamps and avoid glare.

For the ceiling lighting the existing positions were retained but the luminaires were changed to a much more adjustable recessed gimbal fitting with MR16 CMH metal halide lamp and anti-glare snoot. This provided more punch and accent to the product with a high quality energy efficient light source. The fittings had a custom chrome finish to match in with the existing interior design.

The existing shelves, with the edge lit opal panels to the top side and underside, were not a common Jimmy Choo detail. They did not produce a high quality display lighting effect but was of some value, particularly to uplight the upper wall area above the top shelf. It were decided to retain the lit panel effect in some locations for feature effect but replace it with proper edgelit LED light sheet. The shelves were then further modified to take the KKDC HCRI TiMi solution already approved as the standard shelf lighting solution. A profile was made and recessed into the front nosing of each shelf and this provided the localised high quality display illumination.

The combination of upgrading all these elements significantly improved the overall ambient feel and display quality of the store. We also understand that there was a significant uplift in sales following the refurbishment works.


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