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Mint Leaf Lounge, London

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Five years after the launch of the highly successful Mint Leaf restaurant in St James’ London, Julian Taylor Design Associates and lighting consultants Into have collaborated on the new Mint Leaf Lounge in Angel Court, Lothbury in the City of London

Located in an old banking hall with dramatic ceiling heights, a 13 metre bar, and original architectural features, this new venue is as much about enjoying champagne and cocktails in the lounge as it is eating fine foods in the restaurant areas.

The design of the new venue is almost the opposite of the original St James’ restaurant. Julian Taylor and Darren Orrow, respective directors of the design companies Julian Taylor Design Associates and Into, have once again worked closely to create a theatrical lighting design for this stunning venue. The high ceilings, stone textured walls, lighter finishes and statement light fittings provide a totally different feel to the dark and moody original basement site with its low ceilings, dark finishes and focused table lighting from fittings concealed against the black ceilings and low hung minimal black pendants.

The ground floor space of Mint Leaf Lounge is split up into the main bar, a lounge area, an open kitchen dining space, a formal dining area and a private dining area. The mezzanine level is dedicated to the champagne bar and lounge.

The main ambient lighting to the ground floor area is provided by dimmable 3000K cold cathode concealed in the under lit glass bar tops and foot rails in the main 13 metre long bar and the open kitchen counter. The bar stands in front of a textured feature wall which runs its full length and is dramatically illuminated from below by MR16 lamps concealed in a trough detail behind an integrally illuminated bottle shelf. Random horizontal architectural slot details across the wall are illuminated by low glare baffled amber LEDs controlled by DMX to provide a subtle shimmer effect similar to that a fibre optic shimmer wheel. To one side of the bar, individual bottles are displayed against the feature wall at high level with the labels back illuminated by warm white LEDs.

Accent illumination is provided to the bar top from baffled MR11 down lights recessed into an over bar gantry which displays bottle spirits under lit by LED rope light. The main accent illumination to the ground floor areas with high level ceilings is from low glare AR111 track spots with honeycomb louver attachments mounted on suspended track. These fittings provide pin spot lighting to tables, and shafts of light onto textural screens and wall coverings.

Three large bespoke LED chandeliers designed by Into and manufactured by Mike Stoane Lighting provide a stunning feature to the high level space and cast a beautiful warm glow of light. 38 parchment shades of different sizes and suspended at different heights are internally illuminated by warm white 3W dimmable LEDs mounted on specially designed heat sinks. Into specified LEDs to reduce maintenance and re lamping issues at high level. Parchment shades are suspended from a mirrored top plate which reflects the shades below and enhances the light output of the feature. A baffle in the bottom of each shade is mirrored on the inside to reflect the LED light source within and intensify the lighting effect.

In the lounge area bespoke chrome hard wired table lights create a low level intimate lighting treatment to the tables where customers can dine informally or simply enjoy cocktails.
A Mode Evolution architectural control system provides flexible scene setting and zoned control throughout the day and into the evening with a master control behind the main bar and slave controls to the private dining areas and champagne bar which allow for local control for special events and private hire.

The dusk setting dims down the main ambient lighting to the space and commences the more dramatic evening scenes. This scene brings on 14 high level theatrical projectors which add a theatrical lighting element to the space. Seven projectors have patterned gobos which cast light effects onto wall and floor surfaces, the other seven are fitted with a bespoke iris to allow for precision spotlighting to tables from a high level, and focused shafts of lights across textured screens and wall coverings.

The dusk setting also triggers 3x1W RGB LEDs in each of the window reveals to cast a static deep amber light to highlight the window reveals. The stairs leading to the mezzanine level champagne bar and lounge feature a trough detail with MR16 fittings uplighting the textured walls and xenon stair tread lighting on each tread. Gobo projectors cast patterned light across the stairs to add further theatre to this transition space.

The champagne bar and lounge is predominantly lit by perimeter downlighting of textured walls and voiles with low glare precision pin spot lighting to individual tables from AR70 lamps. The bar top and foot rest is under lit with dimmable cold cathode providing an illuminated feature to the end of the space. Customers can lounge in this bar with a wonderful view overlooking the restaurant and lounge areas below.


Mint Leaf Lounge, London Mint Leaf Lounge, London
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