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Cha Cha Moon, London


Firefly Lighting Design complements the oriental-inspired interiors Alan Yau’s new noodle bar Cha Cha Moon

Alan Yau’s latest venture revisits the dining concept he first introduced to London over 16 years ago in the form of Wagamama. The new restaurant, Cha Cha Moon, is a Chinese noodle bar located just off Carnaby Street.

The interiors of the restaurant were designed by Gilles & Boissier (G&B) from Paris who have designed a number of interiors for Yau’s overseas projects. In their first collaboration with Yau in the capital, they have created a sumptuous mix of glass, bamboo and brick combined with a lighting scheme by Firefly Lighting Design. Firefly was approached to work with G&B to create a vibrant atmosphere in a space with very little natural daylight.

Behind the slate façade and imposing red-lacquered front doors, the entrance vestibule is lit mainly by the blue wall-mounted neon spelling the name of the restaurant. Upon entry, guests are greeted by the sight of the busy kitchen, whilst opposite, menu screens listing the array of South East Asian dishes are soon to be introduced.

In being able to see the activity of the kitchen, diners are given exposure to a process that in some other establishments remains separate. As well as being an intriguing piece of theatre, this exposure does much to reassure the customer that the food is both fresh, and of the highest quality.

Firefly’s lighting of this area is via projectors positioned above the bamboo ceiling creating an element of movement on the floor below and offering a lower lighting level to ensure that the kitchen remains the main focal point.

Once seated in the dining area, guests have a full view of the working kitchen and the monolithic stainless steel bar. The canteen-like seating arrangement, together with the hustle and bustle of the staff, creates an energetic atmosphere reminiscent of the noodle bars and hawker stalls of Hong Kong and Singapore. The bamboo ceiling reinforces this notion whilst the addition of bespoke pendant lighting fashioned from fabric softens the interiors. Above, the ceiling animation projectors give the illusion of sunlight filtering through the bamboo on a hazy day.

Firefly illuminated the perimeter of the dining area using gimbal downlights designed to integrate seamlessly with the brick ceiling. This has the purpose of creating a perimeter of light around the dining area, as well as illuminating the flow of staff and guests around the tables.
Firefly Lighting Design specified products from ACDC, Cube, Enlighten, Light Corporation, Modular, and Pouenat.


Cha Cha Moon, London Cha Cha Moon, London
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