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Maze Grill, London


Mayfair restaurant, Maze is the latest establishment in the Gordon Ramsay group to benefit from the ongoing expansion of the empire with the opening of its sister restaurant, Maze Grill.

This wonderfully eclectic eatery, situated within the Marriott Hotel in Grosvenor Square, is receiving rave reviews across the board thanks to the skills of Michelin-starred chef, Jason Atherton.

Located in the same building as Maze, the easy going comfort of the restaurant is testament to the success of the interior at Maze Grill. Mushroom coloured curtains hang at walls where there are no windows to soften the otherwise stark interior, sheer white blinds soften the light from the windows, and the ceiling is covered in gold cylindrical shapes hanging at different levels to create a subtle focal point.

But, possibly the most ingenious design touch is the way in which the lighting further softens the interior, largely due to the dimmable cold cathode system fitted into the recessed ceiling around the dining and drinking areas. Lighting specialists, United Designers were brought in to create a fitting atmosphere for the venue.

Using a Covelite cold cathode 1-10v silent-dimming, standard output system, from Barrowford based manufacturer ACDC Lighting, the team at United Designers were able to create a stunning, yet understated lighting ambience to further enhance the warm, informal feel of the restaurant which combines dramatically with the contemporary architectural sensibility of the venue.

A recent review of Maze Grill states: “The atmosphere is further enhanced by the wonderfully eclectic interior design and the interplay of light in the restaurant area.

“However, don’t let the name fool you. This is food by the much lauded Michelin-starred Jason Atherton and as such you won’t walk away from a three course meal for two with any change from £100. That said, for the experience, the cooking, the interior and lighting, the passion of the staff and the quality of the ingredients it’s worth every penny. Maze Grill is giving other, more stuffy Mayfair restaurants a run for their money and it deserves to be a runaway success. Good job, Gordon.”

Speaking from the United Designers’ offices, next to Tower Bridge in London, project designer Ian Haigh commented: “The restaurant was conceived as a modern take on a townhouse kitchen, and has a wonderful informal feel within an upmarket interior. ACDC Lighting was chosen for the project from an expertise standpoint. We were very impressed with the Covelite system and the design development within the ACDC organisation took the ‘unknowns’ out of the recessed lighting element of the project.”


Maze Grill Maze Grill
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