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Vision Express, Westfield White City, England

Issue 47 Feb / Mar 2009 : Retail : Store

Lighting Design: ILLUMA

Illuma has hit upon an LED solution for Vision Express in Westfield White City.

At Vision Express it’s the brands and their associated products that do the talking. Walk into any of the new outlets to realise how the comprehensive selection of styles, models and finishes for spectacle frames have become the centre of attention for the potential customer.
Vision Express’s innovative lighting concept not only highlights the products, but also uses the illuminated display as a main lighting element for the entire store.

The merchandising wall has become in itself the predominant lighting feature for both the product collection and the outlet’s general environment. This solution has no necessity for spotlights which have become a ubiquitous and universally applied solution in the retail sector. Over 40% of the outlet’s lighting energy has been incorporated into the two product displays that run from front to rear on both sides of the display area. The central consultancy area is illuminated by a complementary scheme of downlights and pendant feature lighting. The mixture of CFL and halogen light sources provides good light levels and a pleasant environment for the contact between consultant and customer.

This striking interior achieves an extremely successful balance between the demands of the functional lighting levels, aesthetic harmony and energy usage. The spectacle frames are the central feature and have minimal distraction from other lighting elements.

Consuming a total of 3,500 watts, with a floor area of 144sqm and a ceiling height of 3.5m, the scheme falls comfortably within the energy usage recommendations of Part L of the CIBSE Lighting Guide.

The main player of the product display lighting is the deceptively simple IllumaLED CONCEAL system. The system has at its heart a 300mm long, high output LED 6W module. The components that complement the module allow continuous lengths of up to five metres to be installed from one power supply. The connecting devices allow not only straight run installations, but also installations that have corners or curves.

Additionally, the system incorporates a long flexible connector which makes it a perfect choice for bespoke displays, as is the case at Westfield White City’s Vision Express.

The module housing has two main components – a lens and a base plate. The polycarbonate lens has a choice of either a clear or slightly opalised version, while the base plate is aluminium which ensures rigidity of the product and excellent heat sinking properties.
The modules have been cleverly designed so they can be fixed directly onto the mounting surface, making life easy for the electrician or specialised furniture maker.

Each module incorporates a PCB with 4 X 1.2W Nichia LEDs, an on-board driver and multi-pole connectors that allow the modules to be linked. The version chosen for this installation has a neutral white colour of 5000˚Kelvin, an efficacy of over 70 lumens per watt and a respectable CRI of 80. To ensure colour consistency the LEDs are selected from a single bin.

A new retailing concept which combines a fantastic product with intelligent lighting design can clearly be seen at Vision Express.


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