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The Arcadia, Coimbatore, India

Issue 75 October / November 2013 : Retail : Hotel

ARCHITECT: Shanavaz & Associates LIGHTING DESIGN: Lighting Research & Design PHOTOGRAPHY: The Arcadia

The Arcadia in Coimbatore, India, offers a rare mix, affordable boutique style. A scheme by Lighting Research and Design helped to create a stylish atmosphere without breaking the budget.

Boutique hotels are normally plush expensive affairs, The Arcadia, in Coimbatore, a former textile town on the grow in India’s south, was built to be something different. It was created to offer all the hallmarks of a plush hotel, without the eye watering expense.

The challenge was to imbue a boutique style in the quintessential sense, from exterior façade inwards, all while working within a tight budget. Lighting played a critical role, as it was required to highlight the boutique elements of the design while at the same time being warm and welcoming.

The façade, designed by Shanavaz & Associates, consists of three distinct elements meant to formulate a collective light art installation. The central staircase landings are used as windows for displaying colourful furniture and decorative light fixtures.

A glass cuboid is backlit with LED strips, from MCI, in purple light, the hotel’s corporate colour, while a monochromatic ensemble of squares in different shades of grey are used to complement the colours of the furniture and the cuboid. The three-dimensionality of the ensemble is more prominent after dark as the LED strips silhouette the squares.

The main entrance double-height lobby consists of a central decorative chandelier and a display wall with colourful glassware highlighted with LED mini-spotlights and a higher display wall with glass floral elements.

A 3000K colour temperature has been chosen throughout the hotel, as part of the lighting design by Lighting Research & Design, in order to provide a warm and welcoming ambience. The reception area is softly lit with bespoke linear luminaires made of wood and acrylic inset with LED strips. LED deep-recessed downlights in the peripheral areas provide glare-free additional illumination.

The restaurant uses soft LED cove lighting and LED backlit strips recessed in the ceiling for the dining areas and LED spotlights for highlighting the textured wall and buffet table. Two decorative pendants from Foscarini are also centrally mounted to add a boutique character to the space.

The lighting for the banquet hall had to exude the required grandeur while being soft and welcoming to guests. The banquet ceiling consists of LED cove lighting, gold-painted translucent acrylic trays backlit with LED downlights from LED-C4 and decorative floral Fly Fly pendants from Foscarini.

The boutique feel is even extended to the corridors as well. Soft LED cove lighting has been installed in the ceiling and wall panels for way finding while the mosaic columns and flower baskets have been accentuated with LED spotlights.

More than 80% of the lighting in the The Arcadia is LED, setting a benchmark in energy-efficient lighting for a hospitality space, all achieved within a shoestring budget.


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