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World Duty Free, Terminal 5, Heathrow, England

Issue 43 Jun / Jul 2008 : Retail : Store

Interior Design: JHP Lighting Design: LIGHT TECHNICA

Light Tecnica has completed the design of the World Duty Free store, amongst others, in Terminal 5.

Light Tecnica was commissioned to design the lighting for the World Duty Free store on two levels of Grand View Central by BAA, working closely with interior designers JHP.
The store has a clean and simple architectural scheme with retail beauty, food, luxury, liqueur and tobacco products on the departure level and sunglasses, watches and jewellery on the check in level. Also located in the store is an amazing cocktail bar, operated by Diageo, crowned by a stunning chandelier. The chandelier was designed by JHP and Replica was recommended for the manufacture and installation. The eight-metre long elliptical bar is anchored on pure indulgent beauty and sophistication. The chandelier hovers weightlessly above at over seven metres in length. More than 250 perspex rods with etched glowing inner cores make up the design. The chandelier can subtly change colour from white through a full colour spectrum allowing World Duty Free and Diageo to merge environment, product and brand in one harmonious vision.
The illumination of the chandelier was achieved through colour changing fibre optics with the strands broken in places along the acrylic tubes.
The bar below is illuminated by a colour changing halo that corresponds to the chandelier above.
The ceiling design concept was developed around the smoke extract requirements. A solid ceiling vision was created using aerofoil rafts with fluorescent lighting indirectly illuminating the wings. This achieved two important elements: a vision of higher perceived light levels thus reducing the direct light component and energy consumption and providing a beautiful calmness unusual in airport retail environments encouraging browsing and increased foot fall.
Prototypes of these rafts were built and tested to ensure the intensity and quality of light required was achieved. In between the rafts suspended bespoke profiles were designed to accommodate accent lighting and other services including sound. The co-ordination of all the services was crucial to ensure a quality and ordered design.
Surrounding perimeter areas have plaster board ceilings using recessed wall washers and accent gimbals. All accent luminaires were supplied by Microlights, BAA’s preferred supplier for WDF, using a minimum number of different CDM-T sources. They worked with Light Tecnica in developing variants of their standard fixtures to ensure the criteria for glare control and efficiency was achieved.
The central area on the lower ground level is dramatically illuminated using Tryka LED profiles with cool white LEDs back illuminating bands of yellow glass ceiling panels using mirrors to reflect the light. The floors and adjacent ceiling areas are black which creates a dramatic contrast to the internally illuminated plinths below.
Light Tecnica was also commissioned to design the 20,000 square foot Harrods Grand View Central store where the interior was designed by Fitch Worldwide. The concept was developed around two nine metre diameter light domes each using 6500 Philips SSL’s LEDs recessed into the curved panels of gypsum. The idea was to create skyscapes with moving clouds and then having the ability to create saturated colours for seasonal promotions.
The ceiling concept had to deal with essential smoke extract requirements but the design that was developed managed to create the illusion of solid ceilings with light troughs concealing recessed lighting tracks and spotlights from the Pure range of Antares. The troughs also neatly resolve the issue of smoke extract.
The vision is a glare free environment where the lighting enhances the product and brand identity in a discreet and well designed manner.
Other products used are ERCO wall washers and gimbal accents. A single CDM-T lamp source is used in all shop floor fixtures to reduce maintenance and consider BAA’s energy guidelines.
Light Tecnica were also commissioned to design the lighting for other stores in Terminal 5 such as Reiss, Kurt Geiger and Krispy Kreme.

Microlights lighting specified
Main store/Liquor Store: Gimbal Mini 1, Gimbal mini 2, Retail Spot, Tryka LED Strips
Transfers: Gimbal mini 1, Gimbal mini 2, Hybrid Gimbal
Satelite Store: Remote Adjustable Beetle Heads (Rod Mounted), Gimbals, Hybrid Gimbal till fittings (Gimbal/Compact Fluro)
Arrivals: Gimbal Mini
Perfume: Gimbal Mini



Tryka LED profiles illuminate bands of yellow glass ceiling panels using mirrors to reflect the light

  • WDF

    Microlights were BAA’s preferred supplier for the project

  • WDF
  • WDF

    The dramatic chandelier, designed by JHP, was manufactured by Replica

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