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Transition; Warm/Wet

Issue 87 October / November 2015

Tabanlıoğu Architects' Melkan Gürsel and Arik Levy have collaborated to create Transition; Warm/Wet - a two-room installation exploring the interaction between our planet's elements.

Unveiled at the London Design Festival 2015, Transition; Warm/Wet is a two-room installation at Somerset House co-designed by Arik Levy and Tabanlıoğlu Architects.

The installation incorporates water, light and movement to create two different environments, each composed to trigger an emotion. The result takes inspiration from the interaction between the particles and elements that form our planet, with an emphasis on light and water.

Integrating mediums of light and solid, dry and wet, and warm and cold, it spreads across two adjoined spaces: the ‘warm light room’ and the ‘cool wet room’. People moving through from one room to the other connect the two contrasting environments.

In the cool wet room, raised above the floor, the Solid Pool by Tabanlıoğlu Architects integrates movement through two kinetic metal plates that undulate in a choreographed sequence. The surfaces are covered in water, yet despite their movements, the glittering droplets remain still. The innate tendency of liquid particles to unite is challenged, to create a fascinating performance.

In this way the reflective sculpture explores the nature of tension, attraction and intervention through a basic element - water. 

In the warm light room, the FractalCloudWarm is an extension of Arik Levy’s Fractal projects, a series of light sculptures formed of 960 micro LED strips, representing no beginning and end.

Hyper intense light turns into a warm tangible material that one can walk into, just like walking into the sun.

The radical characteristics of it and the presence of the wires, power units and connections, give it the existence of transformation from the industrial, tactile world into a weaving of colours, textures, material and its active part of the light sculpture. The juxtaposition of FractalCloudWarm to Solid Pool creates a new reality: warm meets wet, Earth meets sky.

Created by Melkan Gürsel, Partner at Tabanlıoğlu Architects and instigator of the project, and Arik Levy, a long-standing friend of the practice, Transition; Warm/Wet is an interdisciplinary collaboration between architecture and art.

Pics: Mark Cocksedge


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