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What's next for the lighting industry?
Issue 87 October / November 2015

Technology expert Dr Geoff Archenhold was recently a speaker at the LED Professional Symposium and Expo in Bregenz, Austria. Luckily for us, he hung around to find out what the future holds for the lighting industry in the next five years. more...

Smart Lighting Berlin
Issue 86 August / September 2015

Technology expert Dr Geoff Archenhold was recently a speaker at the Smart Lighting conference in Berlin. Luckily for you he hung around to give you the low down on the platform for connected lighting combining the interests of stakeholders from the lighting, the semiconductor and ICT industry. more...

When Geoff Met Shuji
Issue 85 June / July 2015

Technology expert Dr Geoff Archenhold was suitably impressed with Soraa’s philosophy when he attended its recent event in London. He also got a sneak preview of new products and had the opportunity to meet the notable Dr Shuji Nakamura. more...

Smart Lighting: Who's dumb and dumber?
Issue 83 January / February

Within the first ten days of 2015 I was bombarded by three conferences on how smart lighting is going to change the industry forever. This led me to question whether this propensity for ‘smart’ perhaps makes up for the rather poor level of skill throughout the lighting supply chain? more...

2014: The year the LED landscape changed forever
Issue 82 December / January 2014

As two giants of the electronics industry look to bow out of the global LED sales market, our resident technology expert Dr Geoff Archenhold looks back at a year of shock announcements and well deserved recognition. more...

Smart Lighting?
Issue 79 June / July 2014

Our lighting technology expert, Dr Geoff Archenhold, finds true innovation hard to come by at this year’s Light + Building despite a wealth of newly launched networked lighting solutions. more...

2013: The Year of Market Penetration
Issue 76 December / January 2014

Our LED expert Dr Geoff Archenhold looks back at a year of slowing innovation. more...

Are you really in control?
Issue 75 October / November 2013

The real innovation in lighting was never about LEDs, it was always about smart and intelligent lighting which is a fusion of lighting and controls. This month Dr Geoff Archenhold takes a look at the rise in lighting network control and its security issues. more...

Light Fantastic
Issue 73 June / July 2013

Dr Geoff Archenhold is pleasantly surprised to find a Lightfair International show that proves US Lighting can be elegant and innovative. more...

Specifying Variable CCT Lighting Fixtures - Part 3
Issue 71 Feb / Mar 2013

In the third part of his series on colour tunability in LED fixtures, Dr Geoff Archenhold explains the different methods for creating variable CCT luminaires and suggests some questions specifiers can ask to ensure they get the right product. more...

2012: A solid year for the lighting industry

Issue 70 Dec / Jan 2013

Our LED expert Dr Geoff Archenhold looks back at a year of consolidation - though not imagination - in the world of solid state technology. more...

Defining Colour Tunability - Part 2

Issue 69 Oct / Nov 2012

Dr Geoff Archenhold In his last article, Dr. Geoff Archenhold introduced the concepts of human colour perception, spectral power density, luminosity and CIE functions. In part two he covers the definitions of CCT and CRI and also addresses some issues that future vCCT fixture manufacturers will need to take into account to achieve replicable CCT luminaires. more...

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