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Driving Irresponsibly?

Chris Rolph, Managing Director of Tryka L.E.D., takes exception to Dr. Geoff Archenhold's supposed impartiality.

Dear Editor

We were disappointed to see a major article, ‘Driving Responsibly’ by Dr. Geoff Archenhold in the LED Technology section of mondo*arc #48 2009, portrayed as that written by a Government Advisor, when said person is actually a Director of one of the many UK companies that produce products for the LED market.

As such, it was not the impartial view of an independent advisor, but rather that of one individual company.

Whilst much of the article was positive, it also contained technical inaccuracy. In particular, that referring to the “New LED Standard IEC 61347-2-13”. This is not a “new standard”, it was published in July 2006. The date quoted, of 1st July 2009, is the date by which any conflicting European Standard must be withdrawn.

Whilst it is true that this standard is a safety standard that relates specifically to d.c. or a.c. supplied electronic control gear for LED modules, the requirements contained therein are not new, but were simply contained within other standards (IEC 61347-1, IEC 60598-1, etc.).

The comments concerning the RJ45 connector and output voltage were also incorrect.

The issue, concerning single insulation or double insulation, concerns the insulation between the mains input and the low voltage output, and not that of the RJ45 connector itself. This input to output insulation must be Double Insulated for any product with an isolated output that is compliant to IEC 61347-2-13.

The RJ45 connector is therefore both suitable and compliant to IEC 61347-2-13 provided that the LED Driver output voltage meets the requirements for SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) or SELV Equivalent control gear.

Tryka L.E.D. endorse the publication of IEC 61347-2-13 and are pleased to confirm that the Tryka range of drivers and our latest Easy-Link Driver is fully compliant to same.

We feel it is important to ensure that any information written and published for general consumption is accurate and not misleading, and while we have the utmost respect for our competitors and fellow LED manufacturers, we felt this response to set the record straight was desirable.

Yours sincerely

Chris A. Rolph
Managing Director
Tryka L.E.D. Ltd


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