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London LED - Dr Geoff Archenhold

Issue 59 Feb / Mar 2011

Dr Geoff Archenhold gives his expert LED perspective on The ARC Show’s offerings.

The ARC Show has returned in a grand style to its home in the Business Design Centre after a few years away and what a great move as the show went down a storm with designers, visitors and lighting companies alike.

Compared to last year the number of visitors appeared to be much higher with most of both days being very crowded and having excellent footfall. However I didn’t manage to see the whole show as I kept bumping into many people I haven’t seen in some time whilst walking the floor. It was clear the move back to the Building Design Centre has attracted many of the key people back to the event both as exhibitors and visitors.

The event showcased a number of lighting and component companies working in lighting as well as the usual launch of LED products.
Crescent Lighting highlighted a range of LEDZ downlights from Endo, a Japan-based manufacturer, based around removable/replaceable LED modules. Endo offer a comprehensive LED downlight range with over 700 fixtures ranging from 7W to 66W covering 300 to 3500 Lumens output.

This is in addition to Crescent’s own range. The new CLF7002/3 (figure 1) is a 100mm diameter downlight that offers both a Xicato or Bridgelux module with up to 942 lumens at 63 lm/W whereas the CLF7004/5 (figure 2) provides a 195mm diameter and uses either a Philips Fortimo 1100 and 2000 lumen LED module with both passive and nuventix active cooling in a variety of beam angles.

Sill Lighting demonstrated its new Aeriel LED exterior / interior luminaire available as shown in figure 3 with one, two or three LED modules where each module can be independently rotated and is available in either white or RGB-Amber with a wide range of optic options.

Each LED module contains 32 power LEDs consuming just 74W with a total net luminous flux of about 3,000 lumens, very similar to that of a well glare-controlled narrow beam spot luminaire with 70W CDM-T lamp.
The IP67 Aeriel projector is designed for column top or wall mounting and can be deployed as a floodlight, a street light as well as uplighting and downlighting with asymmetric, spot, narrow, wide or ellipsoidal beam profiles.

Artistic Licence from the UK showed the Multichrome Flex outdoor IP67 multicolour lights offering 700mCd and 120 degrees beam angle on a pixel pitch of 125mm for signage and large pixel imaging of buildings. The Multichrome flexible strips as shown in Figure 4 can offer 16 million colours pixels and are updated with a datarate up to 10Mb/S.

Recent start-up, Light Emissions, has optimised its new low- and medium-resolution RGB tile system, known as Art (figure 5), for the wider commercial markets, including museums, casinos, retail and cruise ships. The low-resolution Art RGB display system can be configured into any shape and size via the tile-like LED PCB’s, for building into physical settings such as walls, ceilings, staircases and general scenery. Currently the screen options are a standard 37.5mm medium-to-low resolution and a wider 75mm pixel pitch for low-resolution displays.

Such is the simplicity of the Art system that the only additional element required is The Brain, Light Emissions’ dedicated fast and powerful video processing unit.

This receives high-speed digital video (DVI) inputs from any source (up to 1920 x 1080), maps the incoming pixels to the individual LEDs in the Art display and controls a number of advanced functions.
Spectral, part of the RIDI Group, featured its JEP product containing a convexed micro prismatic lens combined with high efficiency LED technology to make it a true suspended workspace luminaire as shown in figure 6. The LEDs evenly illuminate the large surface area of the panel, which is surrounded by a modern, elegant frame. This integral frame is made from recycled plastic and is produced in a unique manufacturing process. Innovative anti-glare technology provides the technical basis for this well-balanced light concept, which also meets the demands for sustainability as well as LG7.

USA-based lighting manufacturer EcoSense Lighting has launched a line of specifier-grade LED lighting solutions for commercial and residential applications. To assure uniform colour-temperature across fixtures, EcoSense has developed a highly-stringent LED binning criteria resulting in a yield that exceeds the ANSI standards requirement by 400%. This ensures that project standards need not be compromised by inconsistent colour output from unit to unit.

EcoSense Lighting announced they have signed Architainment Lighting. as an Authorised Distributor to extend the availability of EcoSense products across architectural, retail and entertainment market segments throughout England and Wales.

Not only was there a raft of other LED based lighting solutions from a wide range of companies but the event was host to a range of conferences including the IALD Enlighten Europe, LIF technical seminars and the Lighting Association’s Lighting Controls Demonstration Area.
The conferences covered a wide range of interesting topics however one of the main aspects discussed in the LED panel was the issue of what happens after an LED installation has taken place to products that need to be replaced after five years. The key issue was how would the LED fixture manufacture provide a replacement when the LEDs they used five years previously would have changes in performance and even package and thus the lighting environment effect would not be the same when the replacement is installed. The main LED manufacturers all agreed that technology would provide a solution to this issue with advanced LED modules that can control the colour temperature or lumen output of a fixture enabling even the very latest LED systems to replicate previous model configurations.

An excellent show and I look forward to attending again next year.


  • Figure 2: CLF7004/5 195mm diameter downlight from Crescent Lighting

  • Figure 3: The new Aeriel LED projector from SILL Lighting

  • Figure 4: The new Multichrome Flexible Lighting solution from Artistic Lighting

  • Figure 5: Light Emissions new Art LED tiling solution

  • Figure 6: The JEP suspended light from spectral

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