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Issue 38 Aug / Sep 2007

David Morgan doesn’t have a downer on the Inperla.

Trilux is one of the largest lighting companies in Europe and is still a privately held company, based in Germany, with a turnover in the region of 350 million euros. The strength of the Trilux brand has been based in the development of high quality functional and technical fluorescent luminaires with a conservative design style. However, in recent years the Trilux design profile has become somewhat more adventurous and the recently introduced Inperla CF downlight range is an example both of their technical quality and increased design capability.

Compact fluorescent downlights, the workhorse of any commercial or architectural lighting scheme, are generally not the most exciting lighting products but Trilux have managed to create a remarkably comprehensive and attractive downlight system with their new Inperla range.

The range includes three depths of reflectors to give a variety of cut off angles, three reflector finishes, cross-blade louvre and wall-wash kick reflector accessories as well as a very wide range of decorative and colour trims.

The generally large scale and visible horizontal lamps in CF downlights lead to the addition of decorative covers and trims from their first introduction in the mid 1980’s. Zumtobel and Wila were among the first lighting companies to add decorative colour trims, drop glasses and baffles to compact fluorescent downlights and not much has really changed in design terms since this period.

The overall size of the Inperla downlight is very much in the mainstream of compact fluorescent downlights at 226 mm. With an overall height of 100mm, for the general lighting reflector version, it is the same depth as equivalent ERCO or Wila products.

Although the Trilux designers Ralf Moller and Patrick Demmer have not managed to achieve any significant new decorative treatments with their trims for Inperla, they certainly make up for this in the quantity of their trim options and the overall detailing. If the design of the trims follows existing design themes and variations the construction of the gear enclosure and the downlight body moulding both seem more stylish than is the norm for this type of product.
Lamp options for the range are from single 13 Watt TC – T and TC TEL lamps up to twin 32 W TC – T and TC – TEL lamps.

The Inperla range includes three different depths of reflector - 100mm for general lighting applications, 130mm for CAT 2 applications and 180 mm depth for the sharpest cut off. The two deeper versions achieve a 65 degree cut off to meet Display Screen Equipment (DSE) requirements. Specular, semi specular and facetted reflector finishes are offered in the 100mm and 180mm depths.

Control gear options for the range are comprehensive - from low loss magnetic up to DALI controlled electronic and emergency versions.
The real design strength of the Inperla range comes through in the attention to mechanical detailing and the overall perceived quality of the manufactured parts.

The Inperla range is designed for tool-less installation to reduce the time and therefore cost of on site work. The mounting clips snap into the ladder frame, the reflectors clip neatly into the body and even the cable grips are moulded as part of the gear housing moulding and can be snapped out as required. These clips give a satisfying click as they tighten onto the cables. The ballast enclosure is made from two snap-together mouldings that hinge open for installation. These are just a few of the many examples of well executed mechanical design detailing incorporated in this range.

This is a product range targeted at the mainstream commercial and architectural lighting markets. The wide variety of available light controllers and decorative trims in this range should enable it to be successfully used in many applications on a project, creating different visual or lighting effects as required.


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